Convocation and Installation Service

On July 1, 2020, the Chiangmai Campus of Chapman International College (CIC) had a relaunching convocation service with prayers after some renovations done on campus. We praise God of Ebenezer, who is opening a new chapter of ministry in Southeast Asia through CIC.

Although Covid19 has affected the whole country, as the rest of the world after March with the borders closed and the economic crisis followed by, the theological education is now ready to restart its ministry that will contribute to the spiritual revival of NorthernThailand. We confess this wonderful news is only possible because of God’s provision and faithfulness.

After CIC Chiangmai campus closed down in 2011 due to various challenges, it came back to life in May 2016 by educating lay ministers and pastors in the form of extension education. As fruit of the extension education, we had 18 graduates last January 15, 2020. Yet, the local leaders were still in prayer with the hope that they would be able to restart the residential Bachelor of Theology program.

God has worked in an unexpected way. When Pastor Yohan Lee traveled from Korea to Thailand to visit his missionary colleague Joel Kim, he was invited to attend CIC Chiangmai graduation ceremony on January 15. While attending in the
ceremony, his heart was moved by the Holy Spirit to give special offering for the campus renovation. Along with the Alabaster offering and donation a partner church in USA, our dream of reviving the campus became reality. The renovations started from the classroom building and continued to the dormitory building, as well as the dining hall.

With a goal to open on July 1, three of our Lahu pastors, their families, and local churches dedicated their time, sweat, and prayers to make it happen.

On the day of celebrating the campus renovation completion, the guests that were present to celebrate with us included: Dr. Seongsang Lee, President of Harvest Leadership Institute and Joel Vander-Kooi, Principal of the School of Promise.

Now, CIC Chiangmai campus is newly clothed to welcome 8 B.Th students and 11 English class students. Its beginnings may seem humble, yet we are filled with joy and gratefulness as our Lord will make its future prosperous for His Kingdom. (Update: 14 B.Th students as of 9 July.)

CIC is educating about 600 students from 5 countries in 47 learning centers simultaneously through which we learn how God uses small parts for His great mission. While most of the students are studying in the learning centers, mostly situated in their local churches, it is still important to keep the onsite campuses in Yangon and Myitkyina Myanmar, and the Chiangmai reopened campus in Thailand. We need a lot of prayer support so that CIC can be a venue of making disciples of the Lord in various areas of Southeast Asia.

In the ceremony, we also had a time of recognizing faculty members and promoting Rev. Joel Kim, who used to serve as Mobile Education Program Director, as the Vice-President for institutional development. Four faculty members were introduced; Rev. Lisa Lehman, CIC Thailand national director, Simon, Arthit, and Daniel, which followed by Rev. Joel Kim’s inauguration.

Dispatched by Interserve Mission, Rev. Kim has been serving in Chiangmai and joined CIC administration in 2017. Through his IT expertise, he was able to develop the CIC mobile education program, which fit the need for distance education in many of areas of Southeast Asia. Being an architect, he also contributed to creating the blueprint of the Chiangmai campus renovation.

The ceremony concluded with a photo session with students, families, and neighbors. There was a following lunch fellowship in the newly built dining hall. With the joyful and thankful hearts of the participants, we cannot help but keep looking upon the mighty hand of God who will continue to deliver the amazing future of the school.

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” (2 Timothy 2:2)

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  1. Congratulations from Nampa College Church to our brothers and sisters in the South East Asia Field, especially those in Chang Mai! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Dave Fraley
    NMI President

    1. Dave, Thank you so much for your prayer and encouragement. It is indeed an honor and privilege working with our leaders in Northern Thailand District and CIT Chiangmai campus. God is good. I am looking forward to working with you and your church soon.

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