Chapman international college

Leading Innovative Ministerial Education Provider

Chapman International College will equip you as a mister for your churches in all over Southeast Asia.

Chapman International college


The purpose of CIC shall be primarily to serve Southeast Asia by providing quality transformational education with a focus on lay and ministerial education and to foster, promote, and maintain this education in harmony with the current Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.


CIC exists to provide transformational education to equip lay and ministerial leaders with cutting edge delivery systems to make Christ-like disciples within the Wesleyan/Biblical Holiness tradition.


Partnering with local churches and districts, CIC is committed to be the leading innovative ministerial education provider for Southeast Asian people.

One school in many nations

Teaches in 5 Countries

How we serve

Southeast Asia and Beyond

CIC serves to equip lay and pastoral ministers all over Southeast Asia and even beyond it. Through cooperation with local churches and Mobile Education Program (MEP), CIC extends its scope to many other countries including US/Canada, Korea, etc.

Extension Centers and Students

We have been establishing 39 extension centers reaching students all over Southeast Asia and the other countries. In 2018 we are now serving 600 students.

The leading innovative ministerial education provider

Innovative technology for reaching the students in the remote places through our Mobile Education Program.