The CIC Chiangmai campus, located in northern Thailand, is currently under renovation to prepare for the coming school year that will begin on July, 2020.  

While renovations began with a need of renovating the aging facilities on campus such as classrooms, dormitories, and dining hall, now we cannot help but seeing the greater need of renovation in many corners of the campus for its practicality and full function.

  One of the big needs is to change the roof of the main building and the dormitory that has had a number of leaking spots for years, causing damages to the building. By changing the roof panels, we also could find and fix the defect of the roof frame, which is crucial for sustaining of the building.  

For this campus renovation, several key leaders of CIC northern Thailand are fully devoted in every area of work, from cleaning out every corner to painting tables and chairs. With several hired workers, they are making the campus into a new home for incoming CIC students!

Thanks to a donor who provided seed money to begin change on campus, more partners began to see various need of the campus development.

In the initiative meeting for the campus development, we shared an idea about breaking down the wall in front of the CIC building and building a new gate and road for students to access the building easily, as it has been hidden towards the back of the campus since its establishment. This idea was well received by local leaders, and they began working on this project with faith that the Lord will provide if it is His will. After tearing down the wall, neighbors were surprised to see the school building revealed to their eyes after only a few days of work! We are sure that it will give good opportunities to let more people know about our school and vision.


Another blessing that happened to the local people is that they wanted to clean up the garbage left in unused areas for many years. As we come together to make this place better for the future disciples of Jesus, we feel that the Lord is leading in front of us.

We would like to invite you into prayer for CIC Chiangmai, that it will be a venue for youths and ministers to be trained and serve for the Kingdom of God in northern Thailand.

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