On February 12-14, the Board of Regents and the key administration team members of the Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College met at Bangkok Christian Guest House in Bangkok, Thailand to plan for the future of the college. After much prayer and discussion, the Board unanimously voted to change the name of Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College to Chapman International College (CIC). The multi-nation, multi-campus, and multi-level nature of the college will remain the same, as will the mission to provide quality lay and ministerial Christian education for Southeast Asia.

As a result of the new name change:

1. CIC will be able to provide broader educational opportunities, such as allowing Myanmar to offer more than a Bachelor of Theology.
2. Ministry opportunities in Creative Access Areas (CAA) will be greatly expanded on the Southeast Asia Field.
3. CIC might be able to register as a legal educational institution and provide educational opportunities in each of the five nations of Southeast Asia, even in CAAs. 
4. Legal registration could potentially allow volunteers and partners to apply for visas securely through our educational institution.

Chapman is the name of our late General Superintendent Emeritus, Dr. J. B. Chapman (1928-1947). Dr. Chapman was known as a pioneer in the Holiness movement and education. Dr. Floyd Cunningham, distinguished professor of church history serving at the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, wrote, “Dr. J. B. Chapman had very strong interests in both education and missions. He was actively and eagerly engaged himself in travel to world areas, including China. He was also the one who pushed for the founding of Nazarene Theological Seminary (NTS) in Kansas City.”

Dr. Chapman also had a special connection to Myanmar and Southeast Asia. After their retirement, Dr. Chapman’s wife, Mrs. Louise Robinson Chapman, was able to meet a young and passionate Myanmar pastor, Robin Seia, who came to study at Fuller Theological Seminary. Mrs. Chapman had a Godly influence on Robin Seia which lead to an opportunity for Robin Seia to join the Church of the Nazarene. Dr. Robin Seia returned to Myanmar and established a Church of the Nazarene in Myanmar and the Southeast Asia Nazarene Bible College, Myanmar. According to Dr. Cunningham, “[The Chapman name] will transmit our [Nazarene] heritage and at the same time provide a link to Myanmar and Southeast Asia.”

The word “International” conveys the College’s educational responsibility to more than one nation. This name also communicates that the goal of the college is to educate international leaders for Southeast Asia and beyond. A multi-lingual policy (English and national language) will be one of the core educational policies of the college.

On February 23, at the General Board meeting, International Board of Education (IBOE) has approved this name change. Now the college administration will begin working on a campaign to introduce the new name. Please continue to pray for the future of Chapman International College (CIC),

Submitted by Dr. Donghwan Bill Kwon, SEANBC Chancellor

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